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Bop 69 - RELEASE 3.november 2017
“80 Super Action”
(PGCD 125)

The Norwegian jazz quintet Bop 69 consists of Harald Bergersen (Saxophones), Geir Hauger (Trumpet/Flugelhorn), Roy Hellvin (Grand Piano), Stig Adolfsen (Contrabass) and Christian Lund (Drums). Together they represent a major part of Norwegian Jazz History. The line goes back to 1969 when Bernt Steen's quintet was formed. They became one of Norway's most renowned jazz-bands, and the legacy continues. As the Norwegian Jazz musician, writer and journalist Erling Wicklund puts it on the cover: This is Norwegian and International Jazz-history alive and well. Dark Blue, humorous, virtuous, thoughtful, and a standing challenge to performers and listeners all over the World. Bound to the bebop revolution of the 1940s, with the fusion of Latin Grooves from the 1950s - just as vital today, in our new millennium. .

Please find press release and photos here.

KARIN KILDEN --OBS: Release 31.march 2014
(PGCD 123)

"Spor" is Karin Kilden's debut-album. Karin Kilden (42) is originally a classical singer, but her collaboration with producer Vidar Lunden has resulted in an album in the relatively wide genre "pop-folk".Within that boundarie the music flirts with pop, rock, folk and gospel. All songs and texts are written by Karin herself. "Spor"(eng:tracks/traces) consist of five songs in Norwegian and five songs in English.
Most of the texts are based on Karin's somewhat odd upbringing in a closed religious environment, and are presented with Karin's personal and inviting way of conveying her songs.
Vidar Lunden is playing all the instruments and doing all the arrangements, producing and engineering on "Spor".

Please find press release and photos here.

“Sakte Sanger”
(PGCD 108)

This record is mainly a duo-project (vocal/piano), but there are lots of small surprises to go along. Outstanding musicians such as; tenor saxist Bodil Niska, trumpeter Arve Isaksen and bassist Terje Venaas, contributes.

The overall sound is naked and transparent.  The style is between jazz and folk. On some tracks, the duo is extended into a trio through the use of a double bass or a guest soloist – and on one track by a full string quintet and a trumpet.

The textmaterial is mainly in Norwegian, but for those of you who don't understand Norwegian; don’t worry – You’ll get the picture. Anne will get through to You… We promise.

Please find press release and photos here.

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(PGCD 107)

Gunhild Nyborg's debut album "Transitions" finds it's place somewhere in between pop and jazz, making her music more accessible for a wider audience outside the traditonal jazz listeners.

She's accompanied by several proffesional Norwegian jazz musicians: Per Einar Watle (Christiansand String Swing Ensemble) guitars, Jens Fossum (Sigurd Köhn Kvartett, Sinatra Songbook) upright bass, Karl Strømme on trompet and Erland Dahlen (Madrugada and XPloding Plastix) drums/percussion.

The album contains several self-composed songs, but also an old French classic and Gunhild's adaption of classic standard tunes.

She stands out with her unique voice and vocal adaption.
Highly recommended!

Please find press release and photos here.

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“The Superwish Album ”

With "The Superwish Album" Adrien delivers a melancholic pop-album with ten beautiful and personal songs.

Adrien, who is a 29-year young man from Tromsø (Norway), has a strong personal way of singing and writing songs, and he sings with a vulnerability and presence we promise will move you.
Very skilled musician whom, together with the producer
Vidar Lunden, has made Adriens very special sound, based on
Adriens strong compositions and lyrics, companies him.

Press release and photo can be downloaded here.

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“Improvisions” (PGCD 105)

Carl Petter Opsahl is a well knowned and a consicerable size in norwegian jazz- and folkmusic (e.g. Caledonia, ChateuNeuf Spelemannslag...). His achievements is well documented on several CD-releases, “Indigodalen” from 2001 included. “IMPROVISIONS” takes place in one of the “Sister churches” at Hadeland in Norway where he improvises and dwell
in the richness of sound within his instrument. Alone.
A courageous recording from a mature musician.

Press release and photo can be downloaded here.

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“Urban Songs” (PG CD 104)

With their new CD “Urban Songs”, URBAN VISIONS presents a selection of urban jazz compositions which take the listener beyond city borders and seduces to mind-escape from a bustle weekday. Sølvi Hansen draw's us within her interpretation of the lyrics and Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred capturing us with his harmonies. Join the journey if you please!

Press release and photo can be downloaded here.

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This CD is Havrøy:Johnsen's tribute to the norwegian poet Rudolf Nilsen who before he died, 28 years old, managed to publish three collections of poems. This record is based on Rudolf Nilsen's love for the city and it's people. The national treasure as the poems represent, is given a new vitality through the music composed
by Frank Havrøy and Richard Johnsen.

Press release and photo can be downloaded  here.

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is really not a new band but was founded in 1996 by the jazz pianoplayer Erlend Skomsvoll, possibly better known from the norwegian jazzgroup Come Shine. With this new CD SKOMSORK proves the abillity for improvisation and innovation.

Press release and photo can be downloaded  here.

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 Hamar Arbeiderblad

a duo with Sissel Vera Pettersen from Norway and David Thor Jonsson from Iceland. On this new CD they play original pieces and interpretations of poptunes and standards.

Press release and photo can be downloaded  here.

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